Terri’s 10 of the Top 20…

July 16th, 2014 by mSolomon

…on Amazon’s Best Ghost Mysteries top-sellers list — including the Buried Innocence at the #1 spot!

Check out which of her other books made the cut, and which famous names she’s sitting with — I think I saw Stephen King in #2… — at this link.

It’s HERE! Big Amazon news

June 28th, 2014 by mSolomon

Book 13, Buried Innocence, was officially released today! Do you have your copy yet?

You can find it at Amazon by clicking this link.


Also, Loose Ends topped the charts today on Amazon’s top sellers list for Ghost Fiction.

Terri’s reaction: I wonder, on days like this, if Stephen King ever wonders, “Who the heck is Terri Reid?” :)

Click here to see for yourself!

Buried Innocence on Sale…

June 27th, 2014 by mSolomon

Click here to get the newest Mary O’Reilly book.

USAToday interview and Buried Innocence release date

June 26th, 2014 by mSolomon

USA Today has a great interview with the Crimes of Passion authors. Terri said she REALLY enjoyed the questions!!!

Check out the interview at this link.


Also, book 13, Buried Innocence, will be released tomorrow! Here’s a sneak peek at the story:

Placing the bags on the counter, Donna slipped off her jacket and hung it on the back of a kitchen chair, and then she pulled an apron over her work clothes. She started unpacking the groceries, first putting the refrigerated foods away and then she started working on the canned goods. She smiled as she heard Ryan singing. It wasn’t a tune she was familiar with, so he must have learned it in daycare. 
“Where did you learn that song?” she asked him, leaning over the open counter to listen more closely to the words. 
“Liza taught it to me,” he said. 
She smiled. Ryan’s invisible friend was certainly creative. “Well, say thank you to Liza for me,” she replied. “It’s a pretty song.” 
He continued singing it, “Who will wipe away my tears? Who will chase away my fears? Who will sing me to sleep at night? Who will tuck me in real tight? Now that Momma’s dead and gone, now that Momma’s dead and gone.” 
Slightly alarmed at the lyrics, Donna walked around the counter and entered the living room. “How would you like to watch your favorite cartoon?” she asked, picking up a DVD on a shelf next to the television set and sliding it into the DVD player. 
“But Liza still wants to sing,” Ryan said. 
“Well, Liza can sing and you can watch television,” she said. “How’s that for a compromise.” 
He nodded. “I guess that will be fine.” 
She turned on the television and waited until Ryan’s show started before returning to the kitchen to put away the rest of the groceries. She opened up a cupboard and was reaching up to the top shelf to put an extra jar of peanut butter away when she heard the soft voice behind her. It was high-pitched, like a little girl’s voice, but it held an ethereal quality to it as it filled the kitchen. 
“Who will wipe away my tears? Who will chase away my fears? Who will sing me to sleep at night? Who will tuck me in real tight? Now that Momma’s dead and gone, now that Momma’s dead and gone.”

Mary O’Reilly receives a call from a friend in Galena urging her to drive there and speak with a woman who is sure her house is haunted by a little girl. Once she meets the child, she is astonished to discover the child was re-homed, an underground adoption practice still practiced in the United States. Unfortunately, her re-homing did not end well and Mary, Bradley and Mike search for a couple who “adopt” unwanted children and then murder them.

Have you pre-ordered your copy yet? Find it on Amazon with this link.

Loose Ends featured in a box set!

June 21st, 2014 by mSolomon

Terri is SO excited to be included in a box set, “Crimes of Passion,” with five other amazing romantic suspense authors! The books in the set are:

HER SANCTUARY – Toni Anderson
LOOSE ENDS – Terri Reid
LOVE AND SMOKE – Jennifer Blake

And you can buy the whole set for 99 cents! Click here to visit the Amazon page for more information.

Book 13 Title and Cover released!

June 13th, 2014 by mSolomon

Happy Friday the 13th! Buried Innocence – A Mary O’Reilly Paranormal Mystery (Book 13) will be available for pre-order TODAY! You can find it at this link.

Terri Reid got Tagged

June 12th, 2014 by mSolomon

Lets see who she Tagged back…



Other Announcements

May 12th, 2014 by mSolomon

In case you haven’t been keeping up with Sarah’s blog (“Mom, Trust Me…”), here are some announcements you might have missed:

  • Darkness Exposed (book 5) is now available on Audible! Books 6-12 will be sure to follow.
  • Book 13 is coming along really well, and should be available early summer!

We’ll be sure to let you know when that particular part of “early summer” arrives! :)

E-book Publishing / Marketing Advice

May 12th, 2014 by mSolomon

I was recently asked again about publishing an e-book – especially the marketing side of things. So, I thought it might be nice to share that information through Sarah’s blog. So…here it is: http://terrireidsrighthandlady.blogspot.com/.


Book ‘Em Writer’s Conference

May 7th, 2014 by mSolomon

Terri is honored and excited to be asked to be a headliner for next year’s Book ‘Em Writer’s Conference! Check out the official website for the event here: http://www.bookemnc.org/