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Kitchen Help

Kitchen Help

Freaky Friday

There is a family who lives in the Freeport area who has very unusual kitchen help. 

“We’ve lived here since the late 70’s,” said Doris (not her real name). “Our dining room and living room are right next to each other, separated by an archway.  From one chair in the living room, you can see all the way into the kitchen.”

From this chair, Doris was watching TV one night when something in the kitchen caught the corner of her eye.

“Something just made me look over,” Doris said. “And then I saw it.  It was like a light, the size of an adult, crossing the kitchen.”

Doris thought it was just her imagination, but realized the light also disturbed her dog. Every time she would see it, her dog would hurry over to her and look into the kitchen too.

Doris saw it almost every night, but never mentioned it to her husband, who, because of his job, was often not home in the evening.   One night, however, Doris found out that she was not the only person viewing the strange specter.

“My husband was home that night, sitting in the chair I usually sit in,” Doris related. “Suddenly, his head snapped up and I saw him staring into the kitchen.”

“‘What did you see?’ I asked him.  At first he said nothing, but then he explained that he had seen a strange light in the kitchen and it wasn’t the first time he’d seen it. Then we started comparing notes.”

For a while when they would spot the specter, they would rush to the windows, to see if the phenomena could have been caused by a passing car or any other natural occurrence – but there was nothing out there.

A neighbor of theirs, after hearing the story, realized that while standing in their front doorway one evening – he too saw the ghostly light travel across the kitchen.  

“I was standing and talking with them on their front porch.  They were in the doorway and behind them, I saw a flash of light travel across the kitchen,” he said, “I didn’t give it a second thought, until I heard the story. I can’t believe I actually saw a ghost and I didn’t know it.”

Are they frightened, having this ghostly walk occur nightly?

“No,” says Doris. “We’ve just gotten used to it. Now, if we could only get her to do the dishes.”

Happy Friday!

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  1. Carol Transue
    June 17, 2016 at 10:08 am

    I love ghost stories where the people aren’t afraid. Had an experience last night like that. Very comforting!

    • Terri Reid
      June 17, 2016 at 11:15 am

      How cool for you – and I’m glad it was comforting. Most of the time I get shivers – but more unexpected than frightened. Terri

  2. Sheila
    June 17, 2016 at 10:08 am

    Chills down my spine!! Really good story xx

    • Terri Reid
      June 17, 2016 at 11:15 am

      Thank you!!!

  3. Linda
    June 17, 2016 at 2:58 pm

    Awesome I would love this. I’ve heard boots in hallway and felt someone sit on the bed and no one was there

    • Terri Reid
      June 17, 2016 at 3:56 pm

      Oh, that would be cool – and scary. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!!! Terri

  4. Kay
    June 17, 2016 at 4:33 pm

    Love your site, making me look forward to Fridays even more! 🙂

    • Terri Reid
      June 17, 2016 at 6:10 pm

      Thank you, Kay. I’m so glad you are enjoying them. Terri

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