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Darkiss Howl Reviews Good Tidings

Mary O'Reilly Series

Back in April I reviewed the first Mary O’Reilly story Loose Ends by Terri Reid. I really enjoyed it and gave it a great 4.5 stars. Now there are five novels in the series and I decided to treat myself to the second installment.

Good Tidings is a fantastic follow on novel, written in the same fast paced, character driven style as the first. We see Mary and Bradley investigate the kidnapping of a baby from a mother at a busy superstore while being surrounded by Christmas shoppers. This opening scene gripped me from the start as it described the mother’s fear and panic so well and as a parent I could empathize with her in every way. As with the first book the subject matter of Good Tidings could have led to a dark brooding story but in the hands of Terri Reid and her cast of lovable characters the story remained light, upbeat and enjoyable. Once again there is nothing new to the genre here and the plot doesn’t throw any real surprises your way. This is a feel good novel that will brighten up your day, not darken it.

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