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I’m Telling Ghost Stories!

I’m Telling Ghost Stories!

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I’m so excited about this!!! As you may know, I often get invited to tell real ghost stories – but most of the time it’s in Northwest Illinois. (Although I had a great time telling stories when Ann Charles invited me to her Fan Party in Deadwood!)

But, because they were limited venues, many of my readers expressed their disappointment when they couldn’t come and hear me tell my ghost stories. And, although I have a ghost-story telling tour on my bucket list, I didn’t want everyone to have to wait for that. So, I decided to make them available online.

My amazing son, Andrew Reid, produced these YouTube videos of me telling ghost stories. We’re going to have real ghost stories, some other paranormal experiences, and even some cryptids. It will be like Freaky Friday on audio. I’m also going to give listeners a chance to send me their stories, so we can all share our ghostly experiences.

We’ve called it “Terri Reid’s Attic” (just like my website) because I’ve always felt that attics were those cool places where all kinds of things from the past are hidden. Underneath those wooden beams and tucked against the shadowy eaves lie secrets that are often hidden underneath the layers of dust from other decades. Secrets that get passed down in family stories and send a chill up our spines.

Please check it out – and please subscribe to the channel. (I had no idea how important subscribing is – it really helps YouTube know that you like this kind of video and it helps me gain new readers and subscribers.)

Thanks so much!!! I really hope you love them!

Please let me know what you think.

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