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Freaky Friday

I’ve been binge-watching episodes of the Dead Files and learning quite a bit. But, it’s funny, I’m also learning a little bit about myself and, perhaps, how others might perceive me when I talk about ghosts. 

I’ve seen ghosts, I’ve heard ghosts, I’ve felt ghosts and I’ve even smelled ghosts. (Okay, the powerful scent of a flowery perfume that suddenly manifests in the middle of the living room.)  So, I have no doubt that ghosts exist. Been there, seen that. 

However, I find when I watch something like Dead Files, the skeptic inside of me has a hard time believing in things that I have not personally experienced or, perhaps, had never heard about before. Like elementals. 

What’s an elemental?  

I’m glad you asked that question. This is the definition of elementals and elemental spirits by Christina Nelson of OM Times “Elementals and the Elemental Kingdom contain such creatures (often considered to Be mythical) as fairies, goblins, gnomes and elves, leprechauns, tree people, brownies, undines, mermaids, and sylphs. They are known as ‘Elementals’ because they are made up of the ‘ethers’ and are ‘ethereal’ and therefore invisible to (most) of us.

The task of Elementals and the Elemental kingdom is to look after the nature kingdom. Elementals (or Earth spirits) live among plants and animals. They are responsible for the therapeutic effects you feel when outdoors amongst nature, at the beach and sea, at lakes and rivers, in parks and nature reserves, national parks and bushland.

Elemental spirits possess supernatural powers and are usually invisible to humans, living among the trees, rivers, plants, swamps, and mountains. They attach themselves to practically every natural thing. Earthly Elementals are metaphysical; they are the cause of earthquakes, floods, gales, thunderstorms, and wildfires. More importantly, Earthly Elementals are responsible for creating, sustaining, and renewing life on Earth.”

I totally could get behind an earth spirit that creates and sustains life on Earth.  According to Phantoms & Monsters, one kind of Earth Elementals are gnomes. Not the creepy, little, resin-filled, creatures you can find in the garden of most suburban households, no these creatures don’t have cute pointy hats and look like something from a Disney movie.  These guys are kind of scary. Here’s a couple of stories about these kinds of elementals from Phantoms & Monsters:

“The Gnome of Girona

The so-called Gnomo de Girona (Gnome of Girona) is the name given to the remains of an animal or a fetus (abnormal or not) found near Girona, Catalonia (Spain) in September 1989. It aroused some attention from the Spanish media, especially some TV programs specialized in parapsychology and the paranormal such as En los límites de la realidadand Otra dimensión.

The body was bluish, hairless, with little spots in the neck and face and showed a protuberance in the forehead. It also had elongated ears, reddish eyes and fingers with interdigital membranes. The total length was approximately 12 centimeters.

According to the original version, the being had been captured by campers about 11 kilometers from Girona, in route from the villages of Banyoles to Olot. They were near a forest when one of them heard noises similar to low volume moans. When he looked in the direction from where the noises were coming, he spotted the being trying to escape. The being emitted “a kind of squeak similar to an old man’s laughter”. The campers managed to capture the being by throwing a blanket over it.

The being then remained alive for approximately 24 hours after its capture, although other versions of the story extend this time to 4 days. It refused all food offered to it although according to its captors showed some degree of intelligence. After its death, the Spanish parapsychologist Ángel Gordon got the body and preserved it in a jar with formaldehyde.”

Maybe we can all go over the Senor Gordon’s house and look at his collection. 

The next story they shared was of The Merlo Gnomes. 

“Days ago, the Municipality of Merlo, at the request of local residents, trimmed a hundred-year old eucalyptus that is next to the Leopoldo Lugones Library in Piedra Blanca, on a tight curve by Avenida de los Incas. The large branches obscured visibility for motorists and jeopardized light and telephone wires on windy days.

While the trimming operations took place on the avenue, adjacent to a stream, traffic was interrupted and once restored, locals driving through the area, lighting it with their car headlights, claimed to have seen the strange figures. They reportedly saw “some little men coming out of the amputated tree and walking single file toward the library. Most witnesses did not offer details, but one woman described their clothing as having a brownish hue,” said Cecillia de Gabrele, an employee at the library who fielded several phone calls at her workplace from locals who sought confirmation for what they had seen nearby. However, neither the employee nor her coworkers noticed anything unusual. 

Cecilia added that for many years there have been stories of “imp” sightings in that district. “Thats where Aguaribay Street begins, which has abundant native flora, and many claim having seen tiny beings between the branches and shadows.”

Once the trimming operation was over, in what some believe may have been the dwelling of these little people, the landscape “was devastating”, according to De Gabriele. The eucalyptus has a reddish wood and after being trimmed, this shade became visible. Faced with the bizarre scene, some have gone as far as to suggest that “the strong coloring gave the impression that the tree was bleeding.””

I’ve seen the movie “Goosebumps” you don’t want to go messing with gnomes and their habitat! 

So, are there any first-person accounts of gnomes?

Once again, I’m glad you asked. 

BlainetheHisoka at Reddit said, “My fiancé and I had a boggart pop out on us in a house we were staying at, even though that region had been without swamps in thousands of years. It was not the first time at the house, in fact, it was close to the last time that I would ever be there, and I had exorcised three malicious spirits from the house.

So, in all honesty that lil f****r could have continued to hide from me and I would have never known it.

Elementals are cute to me, and they need to be defended I just do not know the best way to do so, cause I’m tired of their fancifulness being hidden from the world.”

This story was by you2angel1 on a youtube site about gnomes:

My neighbor told me early on, after moving next to me, he thought we had a gnome.  I disregarded it until I was fed up with missing food & earrings that were no longer a set.  Especially the really expensive pretty earrings.  I would have one earring, but I could never find the partner.  I always put my jewelry away and blamed it on my cat. I stopped blaming the cat after I moved, and the jewelry stop disappearing along with food items and some clothing.  Occasionally the clothing would magically reappear, the food and the jewelry stayed missing.  My neighbor also complained about the same problems and would ask us if we came over and borrowed something.  After about a year he stopped asking. 

My husband and I split but remain good friends and he still lives in our old home.  I asked my ex if he could ever find the cats layer or stash of all my jewelry, after 4 years of living in our old home without me, he has not run across one mate to any of my earrings, or has found the missing food and any of the clothing that I was still missing.  My guess is either a gnome or one of his girlfriends made off with my wardrobe.

Also, one of our friends has shared stories about the local gnomes.  There have been sealed off caves discovered with miniature Ornate artifacts.  Stories of greedy “Little Feet” that would sharpen their teeth to bite the legs of the local tribes’ horses if the natives did not share the meat from their latest hunt.

I know better than to go looking for one.  I can understand making off with things that they cannot get at least I have one earring to every set.  The food disappearing was pretty frustrating though, buy brand new jar of peanut butter or a can of Pam, yes “Pam”, and they would disappear within A-day or 2.  The older peanut butter or the empty can of Pam was there but all the new stuff was gone! This phenomenon would usually happen around Winter and it became a routine.

I never had this experience before I moved into that house nor have I had it afterward, and I do live in Wyoming.

Don’t go trying to find them, leave them alone and be thankful that they don’t bother you.  

If I want stuff to stop disappearing, I learned to make it obvious that I knew things were disappearing and I was keeping an eye on it. By setting the item out and telling my ex-husband where I was placing it and that’s where it was going to be so it won’t disappear like other things in the house.  That seemed to do the trick for the most part.  Only a few times the will placed item, that was distinctly set out disappear. One could imagine our frustration; my ex-husband and I would turn the place over looking for it and couldn’t find it; anywhere in that small house.  (We lived in a small 2-bedroom, Washer and dryer bath room, living room space with a kitchen that was built-in 1980.  Most apartments have more living space.)  The house is so small you’d have to be an absolute slob to lose anything.”

On the same youtube site, Rodger Rugg posted this: 

“2009  Columbia Falls. MT.  My high school daughter and her friends were in a park next to the skate park along the river.  As the sun was beginning to set and it hinted at dusk, a gnome ran out of the bushes and in full view of about 20 high schoolers shrieked and ran across the park to other bushes by the river.  She was terrified to go outside for the rest of summer.”

Finally, Mysterious Universe has an entire page dedicated to “The Mysterious Gnomes of Wollaton Park.”  You should really go to the page and read the whole story, I’ll just share a little bit: “…On October 29, 1979, a group of six schoolchildren by the names of Angie, her brother Glen, her sister Julie, as well as Andrew and Rosie who were brother and sister, and a boy named Patrick, all of whom ranged in age from 8 to 10 years old and were out wandering around in the late afternoon hours, as the sun began to dim as the day began to come to a close. Realizing that they soon had to get on their way home, they nevertheless had their curiosity piqued when they reportedly came to a fenced off area of murky, overgrown swampland near the lake that was closed to the public. Being kids, the fence and the sign warning people to keep out might as well have been an open invitation to come on in, and the children decided to sneak in to poke around this forbidden treasure.”

This is what the children reported: “We heard this little tinkly bell. We started running and these little men came out of the bushes. There were about 60 of them in 30 cars like bubblecars. They were half my size and looked old. They had greenish faces with crinkles in them and long white beards with a bit of red on the end. They were laughing in a funny way and driving over swamps near the lake. We were frightened and ran to the gate. I don’t think they liked the lights outside because they didn’t follow us to the street.”

“The children claimed that they had spent around 15 minutes watching these bizarre figures cavort and drive about the swamp before they finally left for home with the coming of night. The entities were described as being quite cheerful, playful, and not threatening or aggressive in the slightest. When they told adults of what they had seen no one would believe them, yet they adamantly insisted that it had all been real. The school headmaster would go on to extensively question the kids on what they had seen and came to the conclusion that they at least believed they were telling the truth.”

The odd thing about the idea of gnomes is that if you study ancient folklore, almost every civilization has something similar to a gnome. How do you explain, in a world were there was no way to easily communicate, that totally different cultures came up with the same kind of creatures? Um, maybe because they’re real?

Happy Friday! 

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