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Dad Ghosts

Dad Ghosts

Freaky Friday

I’m all for equal opportunity, two weeks ago my blog was about Mom ghosts, so this week I’m going to write about Dad ghosts.  Let’s just jump into the first story from a site called Your Ghost Stories: My father passed away on May 19th, 2005, about two weeks before I graduated from high school. Now I’m 23 years old and finally decided that I could maybe share the experiences I had. You see my father passed away in his sleep at my older sister’s house. So, for the whole entire month that we prepared for my father’s funeral my sister and her family wouldn’t step a foot into their home. They stayed with my mother and us at our two level 3-bedroom apartment. Since both of my parents divorced we stayed with our mother and occasionally on the weekends my father comes over.

After we laid my father to rest, my mother urged my sister to go back home but she wouldn’t leave. Since it was summer time having a lot of people together is very fun and we all needed that. For some odd reason during the day everything would be fine nothing happened. But at night after midnight, things get creepy. Not only did I see and hear things, but my whole family did too. So, we all decided to sleep together in the living room, since it was huge.

One night I heard the screen door on the porch door open. I’m thinking like that’s got to be the wind, but there was no wind that night. I always try to substitute things when I know it isn’t true. Then suddenly I heard the doorknob jiggle like somebody was trying to get inside but they were locked out. At this time, I got so scared and I tried to see if anyone was awake and hearing this, but no one was. Then I pulled the cover over my head and fell asleep, the next thing I knew it was morning.

Then the next couple nights nothing happened. So, I decided to tell my family about what I heard. It was weird, but my family said they all heard it too but on different nights. My mother joked and said, “It must have been your father…hahahha…” But to us, it wasn’t a joke momma.

That night I heard the same thing again, but after the screen door opened this time there was knocking on the door and I heard my father’s voice. He said to open up the door its cold out there and hurry up. To my amazement some of my siblings were awake and they heard that too. We just all stayed frozen and stared at each other for a while.

Then for many nights we kept on hearing the same thing over and over again until morning this went on for about month then it stopped. My father was a smoker, so he loved to sit on the porch door every time he smoked when he came over. I sometimes wonder if that was his favorite spot and he couldn’t let go.

Of course, I would also have dreams of my father coming home and he isn’t dead. My family, we are out on picnics or fishing trips like we use to go on every summer. It felt so real, and I even asked my father if he was dead. He replied back that he isn’t dead, and he will always be with us. Thinking about all this when I woke up it made me feel happy, but sad at the same time.

My mother had told me that when you just die, you sometimes don’t know that you are dead, so you linger on. So that’s why my father comes and knocks on the door for us to open it for him. But maybe he realized it and that’s why it stopped.

In this next story, the dad didn’t want to miss any part of his daughter’s life. Not even his own funeral: My dad passed away in 2000 due to a tragic Hypothermia Death. I was only 9 years old and today I am 21. He was only 35 years. He was a biker and loved his leather. When I was at his wake I was standing in front of my older sister. I was looking towards the casket when I had the urge to look behind me. To my surprise, I saw my father standing with his arms folded across his chest.

He was wearing the leather vest I now have hanging in my closet. It was him. From the second I laid my eyes on him and took a split-second look at the casket I looked back towards where I saw him standing and he was gone. The feeling I got to look back was as if something was pulling me to look that way. I tried to tell my mom for a long time until she finally listened to me.

I have had MANY experiences with him telling me he’s ok in dreams. I had one dream, after a night of thinking about him and wondering if he was happier. That night I had a dream he was in a car and I noticed him, and I gave him a kiss and he told me he was doing ok and not to worry. Another thing was he left a lot of DIMES. Dimes would just appear out of no were. I could be upset and roll over on my bed and there would be a dime heads-up beside me.

Spooky Isles is a website in the UK filled with all kinds of fun paranormal information.  This story was posted back in 2013 – but it’s still creepy: My dad died when I was quite young, but I have felt his presence around the house and beyond all my life. From one of his rings setting off an EMF meter, to things being moved around the house.

The animals seem to notice more than I do though, well, that’s always been true. The dog barking at something unseen, the dog and cat both staring at a spot, almost transfixed.

There are the more tangible, strange bumps in empty parts of the house, strange breezes and smells, including the unmistakable smell of coffee. I’m the only person in the house that drinks the stuff and I know I didn’t have any.

Smoke alarms go off sometimes too, usually accompanied by the smell of cigarette smoke, even though there isn’t a smoker in the house. Although my dad did smoke.

Stranger still, I left a digital voice recorder on in my room one night, the next day, listening back, I heard, “Why can’t you hear me?”

Now I never said that and I doubt my cat did, and it was just me in my room. I know I was still awake when the recording happened. Apparently, it sounded like me, or my dad, I’ve been told we sound the same.

The last strange thing I’ve noticed was just after I had tuned my guitar.  I used a pitch pipe and if you have ever heard one you will know how distinctive they are. Well, at the time I was moving rooms, so my guitars were in one room, my bed another.  I had gone into my bedroom, having put the pitch pipe in its case in a drawer. It was only me upstairs when I heard a note played on the pitch pipe. When I checked, the pitch pipe was exactly where I felt it.

If you can explain that, you’re doing better than me.

Sure, I can explain that – no matter how old you are, your dad will always be your dad and he will always be watching over you.

Happy Friday!

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