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Cruising Reddit

Cruising Reddit

Freaky Friday

Reddit is an odd conglomeration of social news, web content ratings and discussions. Basically, it’s a web-based bulletin board where you (if you’re a member) can discuss anything from politics to fitness.  My favorite parts of Reddit are the ghost storyboards.  There are some stories posted there that will make you shiver down to your toes.  So, put on your thick socks and come cruising Reddit with me. (My responses will be right after their posts.)

I Think I have a Poltergeist

Just recently I’ve been noticing some pretty strange and amazing stuff that I think may be a poltergeist.

It started with small things going missing, like USB cards or wargaming miniatures that would reappear at some later time. Then I noticed taps being turned on full blast when I was alone.

Anyway, the last best 3 things to have happened are these.

  1. A cloth used to keep a WW1 medal wrapped up to prevent perishing was left on my bed, that I found when I got home from work. There was just nobody there to do that.

  2. I witnessed I shoe hurl itself across the room. I had people with me when that happened. I was amazed.

  3. Last night as I lay in bed, I watched the pillow next to me move on its own. It moved very, very slowly and was being pulled from behind the bed and towards the mattress. I just lay there calm and just watched it happen. I was initially scared, but soon become intrigued.

Any advice on how to verify it is a poltergeist and not something else. Also, any advice on realistically gathering evidence or something that may provoke it into action for a camera.

(Yes!  Don’t provoke it!!! Leave it alone!!! And, um, move!!)

Weird well

So, this isn’t gonna be as interesting as the other stories but it’s kinda freaking me out.

I live in an extremely old house and in the basement, there is an old well covered by boards. Last night I moved a couple of the boards, so the hole was exposed and then tossed a quarter that I had previously weighed (I don’t remember the weight) because I wanted to know how deep the well was. I had for some reason colored the tails side with a red sharpie. Anyway, after I heard it hit the ground I found the well was about 35 feet deep and went up to my room and went to bed. Then this morning I went in the basement to play on my PlayStation and I saw the boards had been replaced over the well and I just thought I did it last night and just didn’t remember but then I saw a quarter next to the hole. I grabbed the quarter and anxiously flipped it to the tails side and yep it was colored red and I have no idea how it got out of the well, I know it hit the bottom of the well and I had a stupid little design on the quarter kinda like a weird check mark that swooped into a circle so I know someone didn’t just color the back red. I’m gonna try dropping something else later tonight and will update but I’m really freaked out.

(Take the quarter, put it in your pocket and never, ever, ever go back and play with the well!)

Something threw a peanut into my bathroom while I was in there.

This happened a few hours ago and I don’t really know what to think about it.

This is really short, so here goes:

I got back from the gym and took a shower. I left the door open a crack to the bathroom because my husband had gone out to get the mail and I have a small dog, so I wanted to make sure I could hear him.

Why did I do this? Not really sure. I generally don’t leave the door open. In fact, this is probably the first time I’ve done it in months.

Anyway, showered, got out, and started getting dressed. That’s when the peanut flew through the crack between the bathroom door and the door jam and nearly made it into the toilet.

So I was like, okay. Maybe there’s a good explanation. I mean, my husband loves peanuts and we do have them in the house. Maybe one got into the wash and when I put my pants on, it flew out of the hem or pocket and dropped on the floor.

That makes sense, right? Normally it would, except I saw it come through the door. I was facing the door while changing. This peanut was already in an arc when it flew through the crack in the doorway. And I always check the pockets of all of our clothes.

Well, maybe it was my husband, right? Sure, only he wasn’t in the house and only walked in after it happened. No one else was home except me, the dog, and the cat. And unless my animals have been working out, it definitely wasn’t them (and neither were in the bedroom).

I’ve had supernatural experiences my entire life — voices, things knocking about, apparitions, smells, etc — but this is new. I’ve never had anything thrown that I physically watched and heard.

Any advice or insight is appreciated because even though it didn’t scare me, I am wondering what this is about –  if anything.

(Crap!  I think you may have the ghost of an elephant in your apartment!!!)

Poltergeist in my living room

Recently some strange sh** happened in my living room. Despite good weather and all windows closed, the door in my living room opens by itself around 8 p.m every day and paintings fall off from walls. I also see shadows passing behind the door (it has a small window). What should I do?

(Obviously, you have an HGTV ghost who is trying to remodel your living room for you.  Don’t put the paintings back on the wall – put a catalog out on the coffee table and see what they pick out for you.)

Could this be a poltergeist?

So, this happened around 10 pm tonight. A friend of mine was talking about a haunted asylum (ironic, I know) up in Norwich, CT with a friend of hers. (We all live in the northeast corner of CT)

And as they were talking about said asylum they noticed their cat acting strange, staring at the corner of the room. After about 5 minutes of this, the tv suddenly turns on freaking out the cat and my two friends. They all run out of the room for a while to try to figure out what’s going on. After a few minutes of freaking out, they enter the room again to find the TV off. They calm down (the best they could) and recollect themselves for a while. Things were normal for a bit when they saw a bottle fly across the room and shatter against the wall. At the exact same time, the tv turns on. At this point, they’re really freaking out, and my friend snaps a picture of the tv to show me and there’s what looks to be a silhouette of a man standing in front of the TV.

I have no explanation for this … and my friends aren’t sure what to do. Does anybody know what this might be or could help me out?

(It’s time to move and bring the poor, freaked-out kitty with you!)

My apartment may have a Poltergeist.

So, I have been finding many things moved around. It creeps me out because I live alone and always keep my doors locked. Also, one time I was in bed and someone, or something, whispered my name in my ear. I wasn’t in sleep paralysis, because I immediately jumped and looked around. I was awake and it felt like I could feel the vibration in my ear that you feel when someone whispers.

The Great Disappointment

Oh, I have so many stories I wish I could share! But the one that I will always remember…one typical morning, my husband got up and went to work. When he has to get up early, our Great Dane would get on the bed and sleep with me for the rest of the morning. Great Danes are huge as everyone knows. When she would stand up on the mattress, it would shake the whole bed and it felt just like 150-pound adult standing on the mattress. This one morning she stood up, circled around. I guessed couldn’t get comfortable, so she jumped off the bed with a huge thud as you would expect from a dog her size. I heard her walk down the hallway (we had squeaky floors). I was kind of awake but had my eyes closed. I wasn’t ready to get up so I rolled over only to feel her still laying there fast asleep, even snoring a little. I had no idea who or what was standing on the bed and had jumped off. I was laying there kind of freaked out and wide awake. Then I heard a loud smack on my husband’s side of the bed. Just like someone smacking the palm of their hand on a wall. Then I heard another thud at the foot of the bed followed by what sounded like little footsteps running down the hallway. It ended with a rustle of a plastic bag that was sitting in the dining room. My dog immediately woke up and popped her head up and started growling. Then she fell back asleep…thanks a lot Lily. By this time, I’m freaked out, but wondering, maybe there was no work that day and my husband was sent home early. I didn’t want to move, so I called his name. No response. I grabbed my phone and called him from under the sheets. I asked if he was home. He was still at work. He asked if everything was ok and I said the house is creeping me out again. He said he wanted to tell me some but didn’t want to freak me out. I wanted him to tell me. He told me that morning, he was sitting in the chair in the dining room, at the end of the hallway. He was bent over tying his shoes when he heard what sounded like little footsteps running down the hallway toward him, at his face since he was bent over. He said he felt a breeze hit his face and immediately after he heard what sounded like someone stepping on a plastic bag. The same one at the end of the hallway. He said he saw it move. He had forgotten his lunch because he said he booked it out the door right after it happened. ….oh yeah….thanks for leaving me lol. That weirded me out so bad.

(So, not only does she need to move – but she has to have a couple of serious talks with her husband and her dog!)

Happy Friday!!!!

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