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Depression – Can we talk?

Depression – Can we talk?

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Can we just talk for a moment about mental illness?
I have been depressed in my life, but I have never experienced the life-altering depression that I understand some people have to deal with every day. It’s real. It’s scary. It’s overwhelming.
BUT, it’s not something to be ashamed of. It’s not because you’re crazy, weird, unlovable, odd, evil, or any of those words you might use to describe yourself and your assumed weakness.
You are not weak – your body is chemically reacting to something that’s going on inside it. That something might be triggered by stress, by illness or by something else entirely. You can’t “get over it” by yourself. This is not a demon you can hide in the closet and hope that it will go away.
There is NOTHING wrong with asking for help, going to a doctor, or talking to someone who is a professional. This is mental ILLNESS – not mental make-believe. Your body’s chemicals are creating these feelings – just like viruses create snotty noses and sore throats. Treat it like an illness and take care of yourself.
There are SO MANY people who love you, who need you, and who desperately want you to continue to be a part of their lives. PLEASE, don’t give up on life. on yourself, and on all of those who love you. We need you!!! 

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