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Beverly Hills Inn

Beverly Hills Inn

Freaky Friday

This week I’m in the Atlanta, Georgia area visiting with my daughter and her family.  So, what better way to spend some vacation time than looking into really scary places?

I love the story about Atlanta’s Beverly Hills Inn.  The property, which is now apartments, started out as an apartment building for widowed and single women back in 1929.  This place was for wealthy women, who wanted a safe and respectable place to stay. Some liked it so much, they decided to stay for a long, long time.

The eighteen-room neo-classical inn went through several transitions and finally became a bed and breakfast in 1982. Once the inn started having guests, the fun began.  The inn is supposedly haunted by the souls of three old ladies.  These former residents have been known to tuck people in at night (comforting in a really creepy kind of way), move things around your room, and, if you aren’t polite, smash water glasses and throw things at you.

The Haunt Analyst Georgia Ghost Hunters did an investigation in 2007.  They have photos, including one of a head of an elderly woman coming out of the wall.  They also have a number of EVP recordings, with hoarse voices crying everything from “Get out!” to “Make it happy.”

Unfortunately, the inn hit hard times, was under bank ownership for a while, and has now reverted to apartments once again. The activity was generally on the third floor, but there are photos with orbs in the front entrance.

Because it’s closed now, I had a difficult time tracking down reviews about ghostly experiences.  But the following reviews had at least a touch of paranormal to them:

Pros: It is haunted!

Cons: Condition of the hotel.

Location: Great location, but difficult parking.

We enjoyed the friendly staff and we had fun “looking for ghosts” but it was disappointing to see the hotel in such disrepair.

(Looking for ghosts in all the right places?)

The hotel was very convenient to stay at because it was close to pretty much everything we had planned for our stay. The room was beautiful and well kept. The pillows and bed were all very comfortable. The only complaint I would have is that the bathroom kept making this screeching noise. All in all, the inn was beautiful and a much better stay than some motel. The price wasn’t bad either.

(Would you say that screech could be considered other-worldly?)

Older hotel with character including creaky wood floors. The hotel staff was excellent and accommodated our requests for additional bathroom products or towels promptly. We originally booked a room with two doubles but were upgraded to a two-bedroom suite. The continental breakfast provided a variety of choices. Really enjoyed sitting on the balcony during great Spring weather. I will book this hotel again as it is a great value in the Buckhead area.

(Who do you think was making the floors creak?)

I love historical old buildings like this. Of course, there is going to be some evidence of an aging structure, but that just adds to the charm. The floors were a little creaky, so you can hear the people walking around on the third floor (or was it the ghost!). Room was very clean.

(I vote for – it was the ghost!)

Pros: Convenient to the location I needed to travel to.

Cons: Scary!

Expedia did not mention that it was on the Top 10 List of Haunted Hotels in the U.S. Since I arrived late (and alone), it did seem pretty scary. The staff looked the part, but were very helpful. It was a good value and met my needs. My room was one of those shown on your sight. This is not the run-of-the-mill overnight accommodation.

(Scary – and I wonder what she meant about the staff looking the part?)

It is a real haunted house!

It is on the top ten haunted in Inns in America! I would have liked to know this before I stayed here, just not my kind of place entertaining paranormal activity!

(And I always enjoy entertaining paranormal activity! 😊 )

Happy Friday!

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