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Cami’s Stories

Freaky Friday

Last week, after my last Freaky Friday, I received an email from one of my readers in the UK.  She said that she’d had some unusual experiences in a town in the UK and asked me if I would be interested in hearing about them.  Well, I love a good ghost story just as much (if not more) than the next fellow and I immediately answered that I would!  She said that I could use her story for a Freaky Friday if I’d like. What a wonderful idea!

I think personal experiences are so much better than information you research on the web. So, early this week, I asked a group of my readers if they would like to send in some of their own stories for use in Freaky Friday.  I can tell you, my readers have had some REALLY COOL experiences!!  This week I’m sharing Cami’s stories.  I hope you love them as much as I do!

Oh, and if you have a story you’d like to share – just email me at

In 2001 I moved to Wilmington, NC from PA and as much as I tried with offering deposit money, we were not allowed to have our cat in this place. The kitty stayed in PA with family, but from the moment we moved into this little house near the Cape Fear River, I would swear I saw the cat out of the corner of my eyes, especially near the top of the stairs. It happened so often that I ended up saying something to my children’s father, (now ex) and he told me he was having the same experiences.

There were a lot of neighborhood kids and they all seemed to gravitate towards my home. I would hear them talking about an old graveyard that used to be near the end of the road, and local legends. It was an old house and we got to know the lady who owned it. We started doing some remodeling in the house and that seemed to stir things up a bit. One night, I put the kids to bed and their father fell asleep on the couch. I was laying down in bed facing away from the bedroom door. I was not yet asleep and heard him walk into the room. He was just standing behind me breathing heavily. I turned around to ask him what in the world he was doing just standing there like that, but when I did I could see him still lying on the couch in the living room. There was a man-shaped shadowy figure dressed in what looked like an old hat and long coat just standing there. I was so scared at that point I couldn’t speak. It turned – walked around the bed and disappeared into my closet.

Another night, we had friends over and we were in a back room talking with the door shut. My friend said, “Camille I think the kids are up and spying on us. I just saw the door knob turn on the door.”

I told him they were in my room asleep on the floor together, but he insisted, so I went to check on them. Both sound asleep, just like I left them. He turned as white as a ghost and said, “I know what I just saw – I watched it turn.”

That door would always open after I closed it and at first, I figured that it was just because it was an old house. I got a new doorknob and latch for it, but no matter how many times I shut it – it would be open when I came back through.

The kicker to it all is that I came home one day and found that my kids’ dad was truly freaked out about something that he saw, but to this day I still don’t know what it was. He would never talk about it.

Another experience was a little scarier. My husband and I took a trip out to New Mexico where he was born, and we visited an old Native American site out there. Sorry to say (and somewhat embarrassed to admit this) but we found some old pottery pieces scattered around the ground and brought one home with us. While lying in bed after just getting back home from the trip I was woken up with what I assumed was one of my cats near my feet, clawing at the sheets at the bottom of the bed. It woke me up and I soon fell back asleep.

The following night I was awoken once again, and soon fell back asleep. That day I remembered being woken up, so I put a flashlight on my nightstand. Again, that night I was woken up by what I had first assumed was one of our cats, but I grabbed the flashlight and shined it at the bottom of the bed. None of the animals were even in our room, which was completely out of character.  The dog (we only had one at the time) would usually be beside the bed on the floor and both kitties would be at the bottom of the bed. So, I turned off the flashlight and laid my head back down. Once again, I felt like something was taking a claw and popping the sheet up at the bottom of the bed.

It happened twice as I was lying there thinking what in the world have we done by disturbing and bringing this pottery back home? I had to go to the bathroom, but was too afraid at this point to get up. Then my sleeping husband woke up gasping, saying he just had an awful nightmare that something was clawing at his legs and trying to eat him. I kid you not!

I have some Native American ancestry, and so the next day I burnt sage throughout the house and openly apologized to whatever had followed us home and expressed that we meant no disrespect. We have not had anything wake us up since!

My last experience that I will share is about my Grandmother.  My mother told my grandmother, near the end of her life, to watch over me after she was gone. My grandmother replied that she would be staying and watching over me. After she passed, my husband and I went to Pennsylvania and were staying at my parents’ house. We laid down that night and just before I fell asleep, I felt someone brush my hair back from my forehead and kiss me. I know it was her!

I believe that there are things we can’t quite explain in this world.

I hope you enjoyed Cami’s stories as much as I did!

Happy Friday!!!

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