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The 12 Days Before Christmas

The 12 Days Before Christmas

Author News

 To celebrate this wonderful season, I’m offering several

of my stories for FREE.

I hope you enjoy them and let your friends know about them!



 For the first FIVE days before Christmas – Dec 13 – Dec. 17, enjoy the short story –

The Three Wise Guides (A Mary O’Reilly Short Story)

Mary O’Reilly is shot in the line of duty and discovers, with the help of three very wise ghosts, what her new gift is all about.





For the second FIVE days before Christmas – Dec.18- Dec.22, enjoy the novel –

Good Tidings (Mary O’Reilly Series Book 2)

Mary helps locate an infant for a store on Black Friday with the aid of the baby’s older brother.





For the last TWO days before Christmas – Dec. 23- Dec.24, enjoy the novel –

The Blackwood Files: File One- Family Secrets 

Art O’Reilly, Mary’s brother, finds himself working with attorney Brooke Callahan when they discover that Brooke is not the person she always thought she was and her dead father is sending them both messages from beyond the grave.



Finally – during the week before Christmas, I’ll be publishing a brand new Mary O’Reilly Short Story with a Christmas theme. I’ll offer more information about that as we get closer to publication!!!!!

I hope you enjoy your holidays!!!

Terri Reid


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