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New Release!!!

New Release!!!

Author News, Mary O'Reilly Series

Delayed Departures: A Mary O’Reilly Paranormal Mystery (Book 18)  is now available.



Mary O’Reilly has absolutely no plans to meet with anyone on Black Friday as she sets up her office for the annual Christmas Walk that is to be held the following weekend in downtown Freeport. So, nearly eight months pregnant, she dresses for comfort—sweats, thick socks and a flannel shirt. Imagine her surprise when someone barges into her office and announces they’re filming her for a guest spot on their cable television show, “Ghost Discoverers.”
She’s about to turn the cameraman down in no uncertain terms when a ghost appears behind him and seems to be connected with him.
Forced to agree to work with the paranormal research team, Mary and the rest of her group get pulled into a startling case of attempted murder, espionage and mayhem—all at a paranormal investigation conference.


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